HURMBA: Historic Unreinforced Masonry Building Association, a California Nonprofit Organization

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HURMBA helps guide Building Owners and Managers on how to FUND and COMPLETE a seismic retrofit. HURMBA also helps guide Owners on how to find Licensed engineers, contractors, and building material suppliers.

Benefits of HURMBA Membership:

  • You will receive our ROADMAP from URM to Occupancy Permit along with guidance throughout the seismic retrofit process including how to apply for funding from Federal, State, and City governments, as well as how to make use of programs offered by other nonprofits which may grant relief on code requirements.
  • We will help you inthe process of working with the City to get your plans approved.
  • You will receive access to our updated directory of architects, engineers, and contractors who are responsible, honest, and highly qualified to undertake your retrofitting needs.
  • You will have access to our community forum and events where you can interact directly with all  parties involved in the seismic retrofit process, from engineers to city officials to nonprofit representatives.

The membership requires you to:

  • Complete and submit HURMBA's membership form (HURMBAMembershipApplication)
  • Hold a phone interview to answer questions regarding your needs and plans
  • Pay a Yearly Membership Fee

There are several levels of membership.

To find out more, please fill out the from below to become a member. Pricing can be found here.

Just type the numbers without slashes or dashes in them


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